Rare and specimen plants and other exceptional auction items

Here they are! Rare plants, specimen plants and other exceptional auction items! The list is not complete, more items and descriptions will be added as they are available. Please note the date at the top of the list and check back soon.

 Photographs of some of the auction items – click here.


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Acanthostachys pitcairnioides—1 gallonMiniature “pineapples” form on the leaves of this spiny bromeliad
Adenium somalense—large decorative potFine specimen, in bloom. Donated by Jim Foster
Aeonium arboreum v. holochrysum—1 gallonVariety of this tall aeonium with subtle strip on each leaf
Aeonium lindleyi—1 gallonReported to be the antidote to irritating Euphorbia sap
Agave attenuata—Group of 3: 3 gallon, 2 – 1 gallonsBeautiful variegated form of the foxtail agave.  Donated by Irv McDaniel
Agave ‘Sawtooth’—5 gallonVariegated form. Donated by Por la Mar Nursery
Agave franzosinii—5 gallonNice specimen of one of Lotusland’s signature plants
Agave gentryi ‘Jaws’—decorative potRosette grows to 4′ tall by 6′ wide with glossy green leaves with large teeth.  Donated by Dan Bifano
Agave gypsophila—group: 10 gallon, 5 gallon, 2 gallonForms small rosette with gray wavy leaves rimmed with soft spines.
Agave lophantha—decorative potUpright to 2-3′ tall with open rosettes of glossy green leaves.  Donated by Dan Bifano
Agave lophantha ‘Quadricolor’—decorative potSmall distinctively colored succulent w/pale and dark green, yellow & red leaves.  Donated by Dan Bifano
Agave macroacantha—decorative potClumps of rosettes 2′ tall x 5′ wide w/gray leaves & brown spines.  Donated by Dan Bifano
Agave ocahui—1 gallonISI 1998 from Sonora, Mexico
Agave titanota—5 gallonStandard green form of this smallish agave
Aloe cheranganiensis—1 gallonShrubby aloe from the Rift Valley
Aloe classenii—1 gallonFrom the Schwartz collection
Aloe confusa—2 gallonMedium-sized, clumping aloe with pendant leaves
Aloe cyrtophylla—1 gallonShrubby aloe from Madagascar
Aloe forbesii—1 gallonPropagated from a plant originally collected by John Lavranos at Adho Dhewalu, Socotra in 1967.  Donated by Paul Mills
Aloe mubendiensis—1 gallonA choice aloe from Uganda. This plant was acquired from the Huntington whose original plant came from Harry Johnson
Aloe ngobitensis—1 gallonShrubby aloe from Kenya
Aloe pillansii–10 gallonPoweder blue foliage on this young tree aloe.
Aloe ramosissima–15 gallonLive Auction Beautifull specimen of this branching tree aloe.
Aloe rebmanii—1 gallonRarely available species from Madagascar. Donated by John Miller, Institute for Aloe Studies
Aloe rupestris—5 gallonOriginal Lotusland plant collected by Giddy
Aloe scorpioides—1 gallonA seldom seen aloe from Angola. Originally collected by John Lavranos amnd donated to Lotusland by Charles Glass and Bob Foster
Aloe tororoana—1 gallonClumping aloe, listed as Threatened (IUCN)
Anthurium ottonis—2 gallonUncommon, narrow leaved anthurium from Bolivia and Peru. Grown from seed collected by Bill Baker
Anthurium pendens—plaque mountedRare “neck tie” anthurium from Panama.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Gardens
Anthurium podophyllum—5 gallonUnusual lacy/divided leaves
Anthurium pseudospectabile—3″ potPanamanian species with bold pendant leaves almost 6 feet long.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Gardens
Anthurium watermaliense—2 gallonHandsome foliage plant native to Central and South America. Grown from seed from Loran Whitelock
Araucaria cunninghamii—5 gallonA less common araucaria with ornamental peeling bark. This plant was grown from seed collected from the stately old tree at the Music Academy of the West.
Beaucarnea ‘Gold Star’—20 gallonLive Auction Variegated pony tail palm. Cream and red-tinged edges on leaves.  Donated by San Marcos Growers
Beaucarnea cf. recurvata—40 gallonLive Auction 10 feet tall
Begonia ‘Lotusland’—5 gallonFull size plant named by Ziesenhenne for Lotusland.  Donated by Carol Terry
Begonia ‘Madame Queen’—2 gallonPlate size leaves with frilly edges
Begonia dregei—1 gallonSeed grown, endangered plant from South Africa
Begonia gehrtii—2 gallonDistinctive crumpled leaves make this Brazilian species a great landscape plant
Bursera fagaroides—bonsai, 16″ low bowlAbout 18 inches tall with 3 inches of peely barked trunk .  Donated by Grow Cambria
Begonia sp.—5″ potNew from Boquete, Panama. Beautiful felted, red-tinted leaves. Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden.
Brochinia reducta—8″ potA “technically carnivourous” bromeliad from the tepuis in southern Venezuela.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden.
Brugmansia sanguinea—5 gallonScarlet angel trumpet grows to be a small tree. Fragrant and attractive to hummingbirds.   Donated by Carol Terry
Cactus species—decorative potUnknown species, but nicely crested. Donated by Dan Bifano
Calibanus X Beaucarnea—36 inch boxLive Auction Charlie Glass found seeds on a Calibanus hookeri in the Lotusland garden. Calibanus is a dioecious plant and there were both male and female plants in the garden so he presumed that the seed was pollinated by a male flowering Calibanus but after germinating the seed and noting some unique characteristics he speculated that something else must have pollinated it and suspected the nearby Beaucarnea (a closely related plant), that had also bloomed, was the pollinator and that these seed were spontaneous intergeneric garden hybrids.
Cavendishia capitulata—4″ potTropical shrub in the blueberry family.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Ceropegia dichotoma—1 gallonVariegated form
Colocasia ‘Black Coral’—5 gallonGlossy black-leaved taro.  Donated by PlantHaven
Colocasia ‘Blue Hawaii’—5 gallonTaro with bright green leaves on icy blue stems.  Donated by PlantHaven
Colocasia ‘Hawaiian Punch’—5 gallonTaro with red stems and veins running across green leaves.  Donated by PlantHaven
Colocasia ‘Morning Dew’—5 gallonTaro with glossy green leaves and flamboyant chartreuse markings.  Donated by PlantHaven
Consolea monoliformis—1 gallonCuban cactus, originally from Huntington Botanical Garden
Cupressus dupreziana—1 gallonVery rare conifer from the mountains of the central Saharan desert. Donated by Kathy Musial, Huntington Botanical Garden
Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’—5 gallonLarge plant
Cussonia aff. paniculata—bonsai potLive auction  Old and gnarled, fine specimen with handsome caudex.  Donated by Mike Tully, Terra Sol
Cyphostemma ‘Fat Bastard’Hybrid between C. juttae and C. hardyi that forms a truly “fat” caudex.  Donated by Gregg DeChirico
Davallia subsessilifolia—5″ hanging potRare fern for hanging basket.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Dendrocereus nudiflorus—1 gallonArborescent Cuban cactus, from the Dunlap collection
Didierea trollii—decorative potThorny specimen from the spine forest of Madagascar. Donated by Diane Dunhill
Dracaena draco—15 gallonPair of dragon trees to start your own forest. Donated by Sea Crest Nursery
Dudleya pachyphytum—1 gallonUnusual dudleya that is endemic to Cedros Island, Baja California
Dyckia remotiflora v. montevidensis—1 gallonSmall plant with very dark green leaves
Echeveria ‘Compton Carousel’—6″ terra cotta potStriking variegation on 4—6 inch rosettes.  Donated by PlantHaven
Echinopsis bridgesii—1 gallonMonstrose form
Encephalartos altensteinii X trispinosus—25 gallonLive Auction Hybrid created at Lotusland in the 1980s
Encephalartos heenanii—1 gallonLive Auction Seedling from Lotusland plant 30 months old.
Encephalartos nubimontanus var. robustus A seedling of this rare cycad that is believed to be extinct in the wild. Donated by Duke & Kazuko’s Superb Succulents.
Euphorbia bongolavensis—1 gallonRemarkable species from Bongolava, Madagascar
Euphorbia esculenta—1 gallonMedusa type euphorbia with fragrant flowers
Euphorbia horrida group—1 gallonsE. horrida green form, v. striata, v. striata fma. spiralis,
Euphorbia ingens—2 feet tallSeedling from Lotusland plants (most take on “weeping” habit)
Euphorbia ledienii ‘Cristata’—3 feet tallOld plant with many crested branches.  Donated by Matt Ritter, Cal Poly SLO
Euphorbia milii hybrid—1 gallonWhite flowering hybrid created by famed nurseryman Dick Wright.
Euphorbia venenifica—2″ potShrubby species from West Africa with distinctive leaves.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Fockea edulis—10″ decorative potNicely staged to show off the interestingly gnarled caudex.
Fockea edulis—18″ decorative potLive Auction Fantastic specimen at least 20 years old in beautiful glazed pot.  Donated by David Tufenkian
Gasteria brachyphylla var. bayeriWonderfully chubby plant. Grown from seed from Gerhard Marx. Donated by Brian Kemble
Gasteria rawlinsonii—1 gallonCliff dwelling and pendent from a narrow range in South Africa.
Graptopetalum paraguayense ssp. bernalense—1 gallonOriginally discovered by Alfred Lau on Cerro Bernal in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Only known from this locality.
Hatiora epiphylloides—3″ hanging basketSmall epiphytic cactus for pot.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Hechtia carlsoniae—1 gallonOriginally from Dutch Vandevoort.
Hechtia lanata—1 gallonFrom seed; fantastic plant
Hechtia macdougalli—1 gallonThick reddish leaves with big spines.  Donated by Diane Dunhill
Hechtia stenopetala—1 gallonSpiny rosette of deep green leaves
Hohenbergiopsis guatemalensis—5 gallonStill uncommon in cultivation, but a great landscape bromeliad
Impatiens congolensis—1 gallonTropical looking plant with parrot shaped flowers
Jatropha podagrica—1 gallonYellow-flowering form
Jubaea chilensis—5 gallonGrown from Lotusland seed.
Jubaeopsis caffra—5 gallonSeedling of Lotusland plant. Uncommon.
Monstera deliciosa—15 gallonLive Auction Astounding variegations on a truly monstrous plant.  Donated by Por la Mar Nursery
Opuntia megasperma v. mesophytica—1 gallonArborescent cactus from San Cristobal Island, Galapagos. Dunlap ex David Walkington.
Opuntia microdasys—2 gallonMonstrose form
Orthophytum ‘Copper Penny’—1 gallonReally copper colored!
Passiflora colinvauxii ‘Roger’—1 gallonPurple-and-silver leaved passion vine from the Galapagos.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Peclum pectinata—2″ potElegant small fern for outdoors or terrarium.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Pedilanthus macrocarpus ‘Loop the Loop’—4 inchUnusual twisting form of succulent with nearly leafless stems
Peperomia kimnachii—1 gallonAn ISI introduction from Bolivia
Pereskia cf. grandiflora—1 gallonVariegated form.  Donated by Chris Mankey
Phlebodium pseudaureum—5 gallonGlaucous leaved, bold fern that spreads by rhizomes.
Phyllanthus angustifolius—6″ potTropical shrub from the Caribbean. Flowers form on edges of leaf-like stems.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Platycerium cf. willinkii—decorative potNot your typical display, but a nice staghorn fern from Java.  Donated by Diane Dunhill
Pleomele hawaiiensis—1 gallonEndemic large shrub in the dracaena family from the big island of Hawaii
Pleurothallis excelsa—4″ potHandsome leathery leaves on upright stems and earth tone flowers.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Plumeria acutifolia—decorative potLive Auction Old plant collected by Glass and Foster.  Donated by Diane Dunhill
Plumeria sp.—2 feet tallWhite flower ex Huntington Botanic Garden ex Conrad Fleming. Colombia
Pseudobombax ellipticum—14″ shallow potThis is a “bonsai” form of this interesting tree with a bulbous caudex.  Donated by Grow Cambria
Puya alpestris—1 gallonSeedling of Lotusland plant. Uncommon and uncommonly beautiful when it decides to flower.
Puya dyckioides—1 gallonSeedling from Lotusland plant, uncommon species from Argentina
Rhipsalis pachyptera—1 gallonReddish or purplish foliage
Rhodocodon sp.—3″ potSmall bulb from Madagascar that produces long spikes of urn-shaped flowers prior.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Sansefieria sp.—1 gallonOriginally from the Huntington (HBG 31201 “form of S. cylindrica”), Eil Pass, Somalia
Sinningia defoliata—4″ potOne or two huge leaves emerge from the caudex after a flush of bright red flowers.  Donated by Dylan Hannon, Huntington Botanical Garden
Tephrocactus aoracanthus—1 gallonUnusual Argentinian cactus species. From the Dunlap collection
Tillandisa collectionThree specimen-size plants: Tillandsia stricta, T. stricta “hardleaf” and T. cocoensis
X Calibanus—3 gallonHybrid of Calibanus and Beaucarnea
Xanthocyparis vietnamensis—1 gallonRare conifer from th wet mountain forests of Vietnam.  Donated by Kathy Musial, Huntington Botanical Garden
Zamia nesophila—2 gallonsMale and female plants of this newly described Panamanian cycad.  Donated by Irv McDaniel
Zamia obliqua—1 gallonIn habitat (Panama and Colombia) this cycad forms a tall slender trunk. Greenhouse only  Donated by Irv McDaniel
Zamia kickxii—1 gallonDwarf cycad from Cuba. Very ornamental.  Donated by Irv McDaniel


“The Aloe Names Book”—Grace, Klopper, Figueiredo, SmithCurrent taxonomy and rich descriptions of names of aloes. Signed by Gideon Smith
“Superb Succulents”  by Duke BenadomA selection of award-winning show plants staged for perfection. 8 ½ x 11″ 236 pages, 700 photographs, hardbound, with dust jacket. Donated by Duke & Kazuko’s Superb Succulents.
“Echinocereus” by Duke BenadomThe complete genus. 8 ½ x 11″ 500 pages, 867 photographs, hardbound, with dust jacket. Donated by Duke & Kazuko’s Superb Succulents
“Montecito and Santa Barbara”—MyrickVolumes I and II. Inscribed by the author to Hania Tallmadge (Madame Walska’s niece)